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WordPress All You Need Plugin (WordPress)


This plugin was built on the acquired knowledge of years on the WordPress battlefield. I quickly came to the realization that managing 20+ plugins is a very daunting task. Especially when WordPress plugin support and updates are not always available. I thought to myself, I have the PHP knowledge to create a plugin with all the features I commonly require. Now anyone can save time and create great optimized WordPress sites with little to no effort.

I am the biggest user of this plugin and it will continue to evolve with time. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I look forward to your feature suggestions. Please look at the Planned Features list below before messaging me.


  • Advance automated browser caching allows for lighting fast speed while saving your resources.
  • Hotlink Protection Which keeps thieves from stealing your resources.
  • Search Engine Optimizations with extra social media data and images for greater exposure.
  • Speed optimizations which can give any type of site a boost.
  • Super effective anti-spam (comments) . Don’t be a slave to deleting comments ever again.
  • Load common scripts from CDN to maximize the caching and time it takes to load your site.
  • Add validation to forms (comments), Which offers a customized and more professional user experience.
  • Tools – Confirm post publish. This make it so you get a confirm dialog before you post new content.
  • Tools – Deactivate comments for all pages. I use this all the time to get rid of the defaulted page comments.
  • Tools – Add Bootstrap – Font-awesome to your site easily.
  • Tools – Header and Footer easy access Insert sections. This allows an easy spot to insert Google Analytics, addThis, or other scripts.
  • Plays nice with most themes, very unobtrusive. This plugin was made to be an end all solution. It brings a professional touch to every site.


  • Easy Image replace
  • Advanced CDN Support
  • Automatic Image Compressing
  • Branding wizard
  • MORE…

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