WordPress Contact Forms Plugin

WP Form Generator is the new way to generate WordPress contact forms anywhere on the fly within your website. This WordPress contact form plugin makes form creation easy and fun. Within a few clicks you will have your elegant form up and running!

Colors and styling Features:

  • Square and rounded theme
  • Create grouped fields for complex form layouts
  • Fully customize your form colors with easy to use color pickers
  • Add custom CSS via the plugin settings
  • Add any extra HTML or Shortcodes between or next to fields
  • Responsive web design to fit on all devices
Wordpress Forms Plugin - WP Forms Generator

WordPress Forms Plugin – WP Forms Generator

Demo & Download

Cool plugin features for you:

  • Compatible with WordPress 3.5 or later
  • Generate elegant forms on the fly anywhere within your website
  • Create forms without knowing HTML or PHP
  • Add text, textareas, dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, file upload and hidden fields
  • Allow users to upload specific file extensions
  • Use multiple forms on a single page or post
  • Let users answer questions and fields one by one
  • Validate fields to require specific data from the submitter
  • Custom error messages for each field
  • Send submitted form data via email
  • Enter multiple recipients for both Admin and Confirmation emails
  • Optionally set recipients based on field values
  • Set up your own HTML email templates or just send simple Plain text
  • Retrieve any field anywhere inside your email template(s) or email subject(s)
  • Exclude specific fields from being send to the submitter
  • Custom confirmation/autoreply after a successfully submitted form
  • File uploads, included in the email and saved to the server
  • Option to use SMTP

Demo & Download

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